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Plumbing is usually not what you would expect to be on your regular “spring clean” list, compared to cleaning out the garage or the attic or (hopefully) checking your smoke alarms. However, plumbing is just as important, especially seeing that plumbing makes up the hidden roads of your water supply and without maintenance, the water that usually runs to your hot shower can turn cold, or your taps may not turn at all.

Maintenance plumbing is crucial to keeping your hot water system, pipes, your sewers and drains clear and clean. Clear pipes and clear drains allow you to have your hot water for the kitchen, laundry, and bathroom and running water for everywhere else you may need it including the water supply to fire sprinklers.

Besides the movement of the water, unbeknown to most is that some plumbing hardware and fixtures come with safety features. Most importantly would be the thermostat valves which are attached to the pipes which leave the hot water system and play a crucial part in temperature control. Safety valves are required by law to prevent temperatures higher than 50 degrees reaching showers and sinks where excessive hot water can cause burns putting especially children at risk.
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Why your property needs maintenance plumbing?

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It increases the longevity of hardware and appliances. This is more so directed at plumbing appliances such as hot water systems and white goods. When detected early, small faults can be quickly rectified allowing your appliances to run as they should instead of running with faults which will ultimately reduce their longevity. On a side note, minor blockages and debris can also have detrimental effects on pipes, sinks, and toilets even if a complete block is absent. A minor blockage can place extra pressure on pipe systems making it easier for them to crack, leak or burst.

It identifies any faults or issues early to prevent a larger problem developing. During routine inspections, any part or potential blockages in toilets, sewers, and drains can be cleared before flooding, overflowing and any other emergency situations.

It maintains your safety features in your home or business. As mentioned above about the safety valves and fire sprinklers, however, plumbing safety can be compromised by the smallest leaking tap or pipe. Especially when leaks are located near any electrical goods or outlets which they usually say in the kitchen, bathroom or laundry.

What plumbing systems need maintenance?

Residential and Commercial properties should include regular inspection and maintenance of:

  • Hot water systems
  • Water pressures to every individual water outlet
  • Taps for leaks and faults
  • Toilets for leaks and faults
  • Sinks and white goods
  • Drains (regular removal of debris)
  • Sewers (regular removal of debris)
  • Fire safety sprinklers etc. (commercial plumbing)
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We service the St Marys, Glenmore Park, and surrounding areas 24 hours a day seven days a week. With no restrictions on our operating hours, we are one call away from you exactly when you need us. Our team of experienced and qualified plumbers is happy to help you with your plumbing faults and emergencies no matter how small. Job Done does not charge a call out fee unlike other plumbing companies giving you peace of mind that there is no underlying cost when you call us.

Our team of plumbers is equipped with the latest technology and industrial equipment making their jobs easier and more efficient. With the ability to identify and uncover minor blockages, leaks and pinpoint blockage points without the need for excavation. Saving you and them time, money and most importantly mess!

Our team use:

  • CCTV Cameras (as I said) to help us get up close and personal and pinpoint any damages or leaks in pipes or drains.
  • Pipe locating equipment to save any unnecessary digging
  • Water Jetters to quickly and efficiently unblock drains, and
  • Electric Eels to unblock those stubborn pipes and drains and more.

Electric Eels to unblock those stubborn pipes and drains and more.

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