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A working hot water system is essential not only for providing your home or business with hot water, but a working hot water system also comes with safety hazards (in regard to safety valves and energy supply).

First and foremost, there are more than one type of hot water system and depending on which one your home or property has will come with their warning signs and specific issues if not working. You may have chosen a hot water system based on your personal preference, volume requirements or you may have inherited a hot water system. Either way your home or business will have one of the following hot water systems.

Types of hot water systems

  • Electric heaters (hot water systems).
  • Gas hot water systems.
  • Solar hot water systems.
  • Commercial grade large capacity low gravity fed systems.
It makes sense that depending on the type of hot water system which will have variations of the standard features such as safety valves, energy supply and input and output and this will vary slightly when it comes to warning signs that things are not what they should be.
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How do you know if your hot water system is not functioning the way it should?

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The most common and straightforward warning sign is that your hot water runs out quickly or is not maintaining its temperature. This is a perfect time to call your plumber to check if your hot water system is functioning correctly and if it is that you have the correct hot water system for your needs. Calling your plumber now will reduce the chance that your hot water system will be non-functioning permanently. Well worth the money.

Some other warning signs you may notice no matter which hot water system your property uses include:

  • Is the water flowing from the tap rusty or brown in colour?
  • Is the water muddy or does it have sediment in it?
  • Is the hot water system making strange sounds such as cracking or popping noises?
  • Does the hot water have a strange smell or metallic taste?
  • Is water leaking out of the system?
  • Does the water pressure or flow rate vary?
Knowing the basics of what can be flushed down toilets, poured down sinks and basins is the first step of preventing your drain from blocking. Number one rule, anything that isn’t water (optimistically) should be poured down any sink, basin or shower and nothing except for toilet paper should be flushed down a toilet.
However, we acknowledge this is not entirely plausible especially when you have children, multiple roommates, and employees. There are some extra steps which will prevent the incidence of your drain blocking, such as:

Our Hot Water Services Glenmore Park

We service all hot water systems, we will inspect, repair, replace and install hot water systems depending on your requirements for properties big and small. With no call-out fee you can rest assure that we have no hidden agenda unlike other Plumbing companies. We provide expert advice on hot water system safety features (which older systems may not have) and tips that you can do yourself if you notice any faults such as reset button functions.

If you are thinking of purchasing a new hot water system, we can help with that too. With years of experience our plumbers assess your property, usage requirements and supply lines to recommend the best suited hot water system for you. We can stress enough that hot water system faults can be more than an inconvenience and have safety implications for your home or property which should be taken seriously.

For all your hot water system issues call Jobdone Plumbing now on 0406 785 338 for service you can trust in and around Sydney and the Glenmore Park region including Cranebrook, Springwood and St Marys.
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