Blocked Drains

Is your toilet or sink taking excessive amounts of time to drain? Or have you noticed strange gurgling or echoing sounds coming from your bathroom, laundry or kitchen? These are some of the warning signs of a blocked drain Glenmore Park. And are very important to identify early. The earlier the potential blocked drain whether it be partial or complete blockage is identified the reduced damage from pressure build up and backflow will have on your pipes, toilets, etc.

If you are noticing any changes in water level in your toilets, slow draining in your sinks, baths, showers, and toilets or strange sounds it is more than likely you have a blocked drain of some sort. And you should call a licensed plumber as soon as possible and get your drains inspected, cleared and cleaned.

If you are in the Inner Sydney area and are looking for an experienced and local plumber? Look no further. Jobdone Plumbing is based in Glenmore Park, we operate 24 hours, seven days a week in our surrounding area including Cranebrook, Springwood and St Marys. We will get to you as soon as we can and exactly when you need us.

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Causes of drains blockages

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Easier than you think, and the big objects (sticks, wipes, etc.) surprisingly are not the most likely culprit. Blocked drains are commonly blocked over time by smaller items instead of singular or fewer larger objects. Drains are blocked with either natural or foreign objects.

Typically sticks, leaves, and other naturally occurring materials, especially after heavy rainfall or if your sewer and stormwater pipes leading to the outlet are close to large trees. If your property is lucky enough to have their pipes relined the chance of roots protruding are substantially reduced compared to old cement pipes which can crack and leak over time.

Foreign objects are the most common culprit and are easily avoided. Objects such as hair, dirt, soap scum, toilet paper, baby wipes, sanitary items, etc. over time can build up and create minor or in big enough quantiles cause significant blockages.

How to avoid blocked drains

Knowing the basics of what can be flushed down toilets, poured down sinks and basins is the first step of preventing your drain from blocking. Number one rule, anything that isn’t water (optimistically) should be poured down any sink, basin or shower and nothing except for toilet paper should be flushed down a toilet. However, we acknowledge this is not entirely plausible especially when you have children, multiple roommates, and employees. There are some extra steps which will prevent the incidence of your drain blocking, such as:

  • Strainers in kitchen sinks, showers to catch food scraps, hair, etc.
  • Gates and leaf diverters in outdoor gutters and culverts.
  • Regular maintenance for early identification of any blockages.
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How we unblock your drains

We check your drains, sounds simple and with our CCTV cameras it is, it removes the requirements of excavating to pinpoint a blockage if it is under your front yard or under you’re your property.

Depending on the block, the first step will usually be to use electric eels, and if this is not successful, we bring out the big guns, the Water Jetter and send high-pressure water to unblock the drain. From here if pipes have been compromised we will go full force with no-dig pipe relining but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. The water jetting process usually does the trick.

However, if your home or properties pipes do need relining (usually due to tree roots) we don’t do anything by halves, we use a tree root inhibitor to make sure that tree roots have no chance of getting back in.

Unsure if your drain is blocked?

Call us to make an appointment to inspect your home or businesses drains no matter how simple or complex the blockage, no matter how small or large the property and most importantly no matter what time of day. At Jobdone Plumbing we don’t charge a call out fee, unlike other companies ensuring you don’t get given a bill if the inspection is clear. For any suspected drain blockages or plumbing issues contact us today on 0406 785 338 for a plumbing service you can trust in and around Sydney and the Glenmore Park area.
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Finding out the hard way that you have a blocked drain.

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